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Fish leather as a sustainable approach

As you may have noticed, we incorporate fish leather in some of our most popular styles. This material is part of our sustainable approach towards a more environmental world. We work from the approach: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

If you have not heard about fish leather used as a new material for fashion, now is the time to listen. This material is both thin, flexible, and strong, and it does not smell of fish, just as we like it.
The texture of the leather is smooth and redefined, and it offers the widest range of colors. WODEN sneakers uses salmon leather as part of our sustainability approach.

Salmon leather goes flawlessly with everything and experience has shown us, that it is quite comfortable. This is why we think it is the perfect match for WODEN sneakers- and has been from the beginning.


  • Fish leather is a by-product of the seafood industry and recycling the waste minimizes landfill and keeps resources in use for longer. Therefore, no extra energy in terms of production is required so as to provide this material.
  • Fish leather does not leave the carbon footprint associated with raising cattle and does not use endangered species that could threaten biodiversity.
  • Fish leather is also environmentally friendly as none of the products used involve endangered species.
  • Fish leather is 10 times stronger than calf leather, thanks to its natural cross-fiber structure and it has a beautiful 3-dimensional structure.
Throughout the entire collection, we use fish leather as a sign of our Nordic Origin, as a fashion statement and as a significant WODEN DNA. We are proud to be using a material this strong, and with so many unique qualities.