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How to care for your leather shoes and sneakers

With the right care, you can keep your leather shoes looking nice for a long time. Think of your leather shoes as a small investment. The better you care for them, the nicer they will stay – and the longer you will be able to enjoy them.

Water repellent and shoe cream for leather shoes and sneakers
Always make sure to treat your leather shoes with water repellent before wearing them for the first time. This will keep even the worst dirt and debris from penetrating the leather. For cleaning your leather shoes, we recommend using a damp cloth and carefully wiping them down. Never use cleaning products to clean your leather shoes.

After wiping down your shoes, it is a good idea to rub them with a good-quality shoe cream to condition the leather. It is important to use shoe cream and not shoe polish, as the sole purpose of shoe polish is to color the leather. Shoe cream conditions the leather. Finish by polishing your shoes using a soft shoe brush.

We always recommend storing your shoes, sneakers and boots in shoe boxes or bags when you aren’t using them.